Case Studies


Miracle? It's definitely happenning here

1. Ten years lower back pain was cured in 3 sessions.

This gentleman is a mechanic. Ten years ago, he injured his lower back in work. The pain is always with him in the past ten years and worse after work that really troubles him. Referred by his friend, he came to my clinic. In the first acupuncture treatment, the pain was almost gone completely. With two more treatment, he felt no pain.
Now, he is still taking the treatment once a month for maintenance.

2. Eighteen years pain was cured by 90% in one treatment.

He is in his thirties, but suffers from lower back pain for 18 years. It happened after an accident. Two days before, the pain was worse after work. How serous the pain is ! This young man walked so slow for the lower back pain. I did acupuncture for him. In 10 minutes, the pain started reducing. When he left, the pain was almost gone totally and he walked like normally. He said:”It's a miracle, miracle.”

3.The third knee operation was avoided.

Surgery again? No more. This happened on a gentleman who already had two operations on his left knee for the pain. Even be operated, the pain hasn't ever gone, on the contrary, it's getting worse and worse. The doctor suggested the third operation. It's a wonderful treatment. The pain was fixed in only two months with acupuncture. So, please think about the alternative therapy like acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine before you decide to have surgery on you neck, lower back, knees, gallbladder, uterus and ovary, etc. In medical, it's worthy of saving all the organs. Our body is a whole. You have no opportunity any more to get it back when you lost it.

4. Hives was fixed in three treatments.

A forty years old lady suffered from hives after eating improper food. It's so itchy that she has to scratch to bleed to relieve the itch. And her whole body was very red. In half an hour of the treatment, all the symptoms started to reduce. When the treatment was ended, there was only little itch left. Then by another two sessions, the hives was fixed completely. “It's wonderful”, she said.

5. Diabetes—Definitely you can try.

Does acupuncture help diabetes? Sure, it does. She is a kind lady in her sixties who was diagnosed as diabetes for many years. Though she is taking diabetes pills, doing exercise and eating properly, the blood sugar is still not controlled in normal. Sometimes the blood sugar reached to 16.oommol/L. she decided to try alternative therapy because she knows how dangerous if blood sugar is too high. Knew me from her friend, she came to my clinic one day. After I introduced how acupuncture and Chinese medicine work on diabetes, she decided to try. It's in the second week that she noticed the blood sugar is lower. In one month, her blood sugar was controlled between 6.8 and 7.6 mmol/L. Though it's still not perfect, it at least tells us acupuncture really works on diabetes.

6. Insomnia—fixed in one week only by Chinese Herbal Medicine.

He is a young guy of diligent and ardent. Unfortunately, he can't sleep for three months due to overwork and overstress. He has been seeing Chinese Medicine doctor in Hongkong for over two months, but nothing changed. He knows me from his aunt in Vancouver . I made a Chinese medicine formula to him for one week. Things changed since the third day, he can fall asleep easily. And, in the fifth day, he slept normally. Three months' insomnia was cured by one week medicine. It surprised me too, not only him.

7. Insomnia-fixed in one week by Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

She is a lady in her sixties. At the beginning, she visited our clinic for serious lower back pain. When the pain was fixed, she complained insomnia to me. Have analysed her condition, I did acupuncture and herbal medicine to her. In one week, I did two acupuncture treatments and everyday herbal medicine to her. Everything was going so well that she got normal sleep after the acupuncture and herbal medicine. All her health problems were fixed.

8. Serious insomnia—could be fixed

She is a young lady who is very successful on her business and her family. But life isn't always perfect that she got depression since 3 years before. She had tried acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, massage and energy therapy. But nothing can help her too much. She is still suffering from depression heavily which makes her serious insomnia. At last, she has to rely on big dose anti-depression and sleeping pills. However, she is still emotional, and can't get a qualified sleep. She visited me with referral of her friend. She looked frustrated due to the helplessness of all the therapies, absolutely including acupuncture. I'm confident because I had helped many similar patients. I persuaded her to try the treatment for two weeks to see if it works or not and then decide if it's worthy of continuing. Then I made a plan for her—twice acupuncture treatments a week and Chinese herbal medicine everyday. Nothing changed in the first week. Many questions were asked. I persisted and I did success. She started feeling good in the second week. She can control her emotion sometimes. And, sleep was better. Now, it's the second month since she took treatment. Her sleep is normal. She said:”I'm refreshed.”




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